Enterprise Mobility Enables Business Visibility and Efficiency

Alok Maheshwari, Head-IT, Terex Equipments Pvt Ltd

In today’s environment, each individual employee need access of related business information on their mobile device. It is not just acting as a simple electronic gadget but also help as one of the faster decision making tool for organisation‘s employees and specially for their sales force.

Enterprise mobility means you are already aware of what you’re looking for: Information Visibility, Efficiency and Security that support productivity, as defined by your business objectives for faster decision making.

But our employees need readily access to our business resources whenever and whatever they work for. Employees expect to use their existing favorite mobile devices throughout the day . Management expects that this should run with full control on manageability, security and controlled costs. The best way to find a solution is by evaluating the business need of an organization. 

Many organizations follow this process and opt to create a mobility strategy to administer business networks, Apps, Devices, and data. The results in: Cost Saving, Increasing availability and Visibility of information, to avoid the duplicated effort that can happen due to a lack of visibility. Timely visibility of information (through mobility) may lead to fast decision making. 

But before you can manage or optimize something, you need to assess it.

Managibility of Mobile Devices?
New Devices, Apps and Technologies will keep adding every day and employees will continue to adopt many of them just as quickly. To get the decision at your company, we may need to think of:
• Allow bring-your-own-device (BYOD) & How to manage and enforce this an organisation. 
Before you decide on a BYOD environment, a managed platform, you should take a look at your application architecture & business requirements with all possible options in your mind. Based on it, figure out which one makes more sense by looking at these questions below:
• How will your Process, Infrastructure and existing technology investments integrated with the mobile devices of employees. 
• How much budget is sanctioned for this.
• BYOD may have major security issue ? so, how to bridge this gap – which is critical in nature. 

A standardized platform is always easier to manage when we need for app interoperability and ease of doing technical support. Many MDM solutions are available in the market – which can cater to all platforms as on day except few devices. On the other way, in an organization, employees prefer to user their favorite smart devices, so they may not be as happy with such options; in such case, you may have to provide the corporate devices – which definitely would have certain cost of it. But majorly, all possible standard devices can be controlled through good MDM solution software. 

Organization Applications Management:
You need to find out as which Business applications employees are using and what they’re using it them for. What is the frequency of using this application? Does it have more input of data entry while logging into that application? Normally, mobile application should have very minimum data entry for faster information and approvals. After it, analyze your MPLS / WLAN traffic is a good way to find this out. Using traffic analysis tools, you can find out the employees’ needs. Are they downloading those apps you’ve never heard of / not of business need etc? If yes, what are they doing with those apps? It may be a security issue: Many mobile apps don’t encrypt the data on the network,so information sharing will not be safe. Second - if employees are using apps to exchange sensitive information then this need to be checked according to company policies. 

In such case, a good Mobile Application Management tool can be used to enhance / boost security and infrastructure integrity by configuring only approved applications can be downloaded for specified users and certain devices with approved operating system can access those business approved apps. In such cases, both personal and corporate apps can safely exist on the same device which is used for both purposes by employees.

Today, it is very difficult to have control over data to meet information safety - while still allow employees to share infromation through mobile devices.Enterprise mobility is a need of time today to run business, but it should be done in line with Company policies.